Platform 1, Huddersfield

Platform 1 in Huddersfield is a brilliant organisation: initially, it was founded as a men’s mental health project, along the lines of the men’s shed movement (which is why it features in some of my sheds photographs) but has now expanded to offer support to all people regardless of sex, as well as crisis support. Their work is truly inspirational.

A little while ago, they acquired a Pacer train carriage, to add extra accommodation to their site within the boundary of Huddersfield Railway Station. An operation to lift the carriage onto the site was scheduled for 8 May 2021 and I was there to take some photographs. Unfortunately, technical problems meant that the operation had to be aborted but I’m glad to say the operation was completed successfully in the early hours of 11 July 2021. Below, you can see the photographs I took on 8 May.

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