Carbeth Huts

I’d been planning for a while to get up to Carbeth, near Milgavie just north of Glasgow. The pandemic slowed my plans down but the planets aligned in May 2021 and there I was. I had the warmest of welcomes – although I’m used to that, from the communities of huts I’ve visited in Hartlepool and South Gare. I knew about Carbeth from my late dear friend Mick Parkin – the huts feature in his novel “Grey Dawn” – and had very briefly visited in 2005 when I gave Mick a lift there so he could do some research. What I know from my visits to other hut communities is that the huts, in and out, and the people are uniquely photogenic. My visit was an delight, and I returned in June 2022. You can learn about Carbeth Huts on their great website (click the words “Carbeth Huts”: yes, that’s it – just back up a bit.)