Huddersfield Platform 1

A few years ago, I saw an item on Look North about the organisation Platform 1, which originally started as a Men’s Shed-type organisation but has since expanded and now offers mental health support to the whole community. The project is run by a small group of dedicated trustees, and is based within the walls of Huddersfield Railway Station – in fact, it was the old platform 1, hence the name.

I’ve visited two or three times now and what a pleasure it’s been. It’s a great place where people can get away from the strains and worries of everyday life, and share a bit of companionship, and maybe do something constructive as well. They have a couple of workshops, together with social spaces in old railway carriages, and also a garden, all squeezed into a tiny area. Every town should have an organisation like Platform 1, and every city should have several!