First visit to Carbeth, May 2021

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I first heard of Carbeth in about 2005. My late friend Mick Parkin was writing a novel in which Carbeth featured, and I took him there so he could do some research. Mick and I talked about Carbeth a few times and it was clear it was an unusual and important place. Then, in around 2018, I found about and visited a couple of other hut communities on the north-east coast of England, and realised what great places they were to photograph. So, I decided a visit to Carbeth was something I had to do. I started to consider it seriously a couple of years ago, plans were delayed by the pandemic, but the planets aligned and I went in May 2021.

A man stands on a wall which juts out into a large pond. The pond is actually an outdoor swimming pool. In his hand, he holds a feather.
My late friend Mick Parkin, pictured here in 2005 at the swimming pool at Carbeth, where I’d taken him so he could do some research for his novel “Grey Dawn”.

The lovely people at Carbeth announced my visit, and I was invited into a couple of the huts, and encouraged to take photos by their very hospitable dwellers. I spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning at the site – which is beautiful and worth a visit just to walk amongst the trees, look at the huts and gaze at the Campsie Hills (as I’m sure Mick did in his time) – and took lots of photos, but could (and should) have taken many more. I’m quite happy with the results: here is the first batch and here is the second. There are more to come which I hope will appear in a couple of weeks.

I want to say a sincere thank you to the folk of Carbeth. I hope you feel that my photos have done you justice. Please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

I loved my visit, but I didn’t have enough time there, and I will return! Please feel free to comment if you wish.

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