Carbeth Huts, part two

My trip to Carbeth was quite a big deal as it involved a round trip of well over 400 miles. I am happy with the results, and am also aware of shortcomings and things I’ve missed. I think that’s the best possible outcome: it gives me a reason to return which, I hope, I will before too long. I also closed a loop: my first awareness of Carbeth was when my late friend, Mick Parkin, was researching it for his novel “Grey Dawn” (a copy of which makes an appearence in one of these photos); my visits to other hut communities – Middleton in Hartlepool, South Gare near Redcar – have led me back to Carbeth – and I have left a copy of Mick’s novel there. It’s nice to know it’s floating around a place he must have visited more than once.