Middleton Fishing Cabins, Hartlepool, August 2023

I visited the Middleton Fishing Cabins again in August 2023, mainly to photograph Asher in his cabin. This is the man who I was told wouldn’t want his photograph taken, and is now the subject of several photographers. I was lucky enough to capture him and a friend fishing and gutting their catch, but not lucky enough to get to eat any of their smoked mackerel. Next time.

It’s worth noting that the men and women of the cabins are the ultimate eco-warriors. They catch at least some of their own food (and grow food on their allotments besides) and re-use and recycle materials to improve and decorate their cabins. They feed and monitor the wildlife and are a deep store of local knowledge in that respect, understanding how the tides and the weather affect the fish, birds and mammals of the area.

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