Middleton Fishing Cabins, Hartlepool – part 3

In January 2022 I made my third visit to Middleton Fishing Cabins, arriving at low tide on a cold morning. It was a pleasure to see Sadie and Anita again, and to meet Asher, Paul and Josh for the first time. Sadie cautioned me that the lads wouldn’t be keen to have their photos taken and I said that I would, of course, respect that – but it turned out not to be entirely true, and Asher in particular was a natural in front of the camera. I’m not trying to be funny: he was genuinely relaxed and seemed to enjoyed being photographed, which made it a pleasure for me of course. I also took photos of Josh standing proudly in the doorway of the cabin he’d inherited from his grandfather, Jim Blair, whom I photographed in 2019 and who sadly died in 2020.

The site of Middleton Fishing Cabins is a very special place and, during my time there, I realised I hadn’t thought about work at all. We all need somewhere to escape to. I hope that, when you look at these photos, you’ll ponder the fact that many people really ask very little – just a space, 10ft by 20ft, where they can spend time, with friends or on their own.

Everyone should have a Middleton Fishing Cabin.